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Registered Office

Many of our clients choose to use one of our offices as their company or limited liability partnership’s legal Registered Office.

This is the address shown on the public register at Companies House, and is the principal place where Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs documents, forms and returns are sent, and where official documents can be served.

In particular, we find clients benefit from the simple cost-effective solution we offer for those that do not want to use their own address as their Registered Office. Opting to use our address also provides increased privacy over and above using a profile address or your home address. As your Registered Office, we will receive correspondence on your behalf from Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs, with both organisations using our address to send correspondence.

As a guide, the correspondence sent to the Registered Office address includes the following:

  • CT41G – Corporation Tax New Company Details (for newly registered companies)
  • CT600 – Corporation Tax Forms
  • Reminder to file your corporation tax and payment forms
  • Notice to file accounts
  • Notice to file the annual return
  • Authentication codes for new companies

In addition to the privacy provided with our Registered Office facility, we offer the reassurance that as your trusted professional, we are on hand to ensure that all correspondence received is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner – leaving you to get on with the day to day affairs of running your company or limited liability partnership. Using our service also helps to provide peace of mind that filing deadlines are not missed and penalties are avoided.

The simple steps to setting up a Registered Office with Streets

If you are setting up a new company or limited liability partnership, you can, as part of the process of registering and forming the company, indicate that you wish to use a Streets office as your Registered Office. In the main, clients tend to use the Streets office address where the partner they work with and/or their affairs are looked after.

If you have an established Registered Office using either your business address or another address, then the process of switching addresses is relatively simple. All that is required is the completion of a Companies House form AD01 Change of Registered Office Address. We will be only too pleased to supply you with the appropriate form or to discuss the online filing process with you.

Once we have either the completed form, or notification of the online filing, we will set up your Registered Office facility and provide you with an invoice for an annual fee. Our annual fee runs from the 1st April to the 31st March, or pro rata if set up sometime during the 12 month period.

We will also display the company or limited liability partnership name at the Streets office you choose for your Registered Office.

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